We are a small Cultural Association, a group of friends that since our last year of high school, have been working together to create a space, a dynamic tool, for creativity and social change to thrive and contaminate each other.

We are neither creatives nor activists, we don’t pretend to be and we strongly refuse to appropriate others’ practices and knowledge. At the same time, we are programmers and planners, and as such, from the beginning, we realised the importance of putting our expertise at the service of creativity and social change.

We believe in the need to make these two worlds collide and we believe that in order to be effective, this collision process needs to be disruptive; focusing our attention on the younger generations and on their uncontaminated dreams.


Lorenzo Biferale

Laura Bonamici

Barbara Sardo

Claudia Roma

Giacomo Pratelli

Luciaan Groenier

Federica Rubino

Martina De Iuliis


Alessandro Montalbano

Alessia Di Giacomo

Alice Zanon

Angelica Mezza

Benedetta Barbano

Benedetta Pontecorvo

Benedetta Salemme

Bianca Margutti

Camilla Zanon

Carlotta Baravalle

Davide Infantino

Davide Manzoni

Elena Rubbà

Eleonora Janiri

Eleonora Martelli

Emma Gaglianone

Francesca Madaro

Francesco Azzali

Gianluca Longo

Giorgia Galperti

Giorgio Frasca

Giustino De Luca

Luciaan Groenier

Marco Biferale

Nandini Hazra

Riccardo Sabatino

Simonetta Poltronieri

Verdiana Pagnano

Veronika Stattin