Film for our future


In order to promote the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, with the structural support of the United Nations Regional Information Centre, Quindici19 founded the Film For Our Future Network. Our purpose is to spread the UN’s sustainable development message beyond borders.



Watersprite Film Festival (United Kingdom)

7- 10 Marzo 2019

Lucca Film Festival (Italy)

13 - 21 Aprile 2019

Arc Film Festival (Germany)

25-28 Aprile 2019

Festival dei Diritti Umani (Italy)

2-11 Maggio 2019

Sole Luna Doc Film Festival (Italy)

7-13 luglio 2019

Raindance Film Festival (United Kingdom)

25 settembre - 6 ottobre 2019

Sustainable Living Film Festival (Turkey)

20-22 novembre 2019

Religion Today Film Festival (Italy)