Understanding and taming the changes of tomorrow’s cinema. New technologies modify production, directors have new intentions, and new ways of enjoying cinema modify the cinematographic industry in a radical and extremely quick way that we cannot avoid considering them.

These big transformations relate directly to the teens we’ve opened a successful dialog  with for four years.
The young age of our team not only makes the connection with young directors easier, but makes ourselves protagonists of this revolution.



the mission


For the V Edition we want to raise the bar even higher. This is what’s going to happen:


The Contest:

No constraints, just creativity as usual.
Target: High School Students

The Festival:

5 days of activities for finalists and semifinalists of the contest.
Workshops + Shooting a short + Closing Ceremony


Quindici19 Goes to School:

Film Schools will present their programmes to future students.
Target: High School Students



Understanding the future of cinema means interacting not only with future directors, but also with future producers, technicians, distributors, ecc.


Quindici19’s labs are aimed at connecting young students with professionals working in the movie industry. They will work together in finding innovative solutions to real issues concerning the industry.

Target: University Students



the  lab